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Temporary Residence in Canada:
Expert Visa and Permit Services

Explore Canada’s opportunities with Taaz Immigration’s comprehensive temporary residence services. As premier immigration consultants in Ontario, we specialize in visitor visas, work permits, and study permits. Our expert team simplifies the complex application processes, ensuring you have the right documentation for your temporary Canadian adventure.

Whether you’re planning a visit, pursuing career opportunities, or seeking world-class education, we provide tailored guidance every step of the way. With our deep understanding of Canadian immigration policies and temporary residence requirements, we maximize your chances of approval. Let Taaz Immigration’s Ontario-based expertise open doors to your Canadian experience, no matter how brief or extended your stay.

TIIC Immigration

Visitor Visa

We provide Visitors Visas in different categories.

TIIC Immigration

Work Permit

We provide Work Permit Visas in different categories.

Why Choose Taaz for Your Temporary Residence Application:

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Taaz International Immigration Consultancy, well known as TIIC is based out in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.